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Discover Nepal with Secrets of the Himalaya

Adventure is calling from Nepal -- from luxuriant jungle plains to fertile hills surrounded by emerald and golden paddy fields and dense forests up to the Himalaya, highest mountain range on earth, prowled by snow leopards with snow-clad peaks spiraling into the skies. Secrets of the Himalaya is here in Nepal's paradise, ready and prepared to answer this epic call with you and your friends and loved ones.

Our team of Himalayan specialists is devoted to providing the most enjoyable and satisfying experiences possible in Nepal from cultural and natural treasures to all-out Himalayan adventures, too, and many experiences in between. We at Secrets of the Himalya are sure that you will be satisfied with the experience in Nepal's Nirvana.

Give us the opportunity to guide you to Nepal's secrets and treasures. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our services. We truly look forward to hearing from you, soon, to answer the call to trek in Nepal and the Himalaya and beyond discovering what the nirvana of Nepal has to offer to all-comers.

Nepal is calling, and Secrets of the Himalaya is ready to answer that call with you with pleasure. As a starting point, please discover Secrets of the Himalaya's Best Treks of Nepal

Your adventure in Nepal awaits...

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